Barbara Michel is a versatile artist of her own craft. Born and raised in Mumbai, India with German American background, from her early years she has been exposed to wide exotic arrays of senses, colors and cultures.


Her career path in interiors began as manager of the “Thirteen” interior design and accessories store in Zurich where she was later discovered and recruited by the house of CHANEL to become Manager of its Zurich boutique. CHANEL’s remarkable world of beauty, with its s timeless, unique glamour, exquisite quality and profound respect to perfection and heritage in design, remains a pivotal point of Barbara Michel’s inspiration today.


In 2004 she co-founded MvM Interiors with Susanne von Meiss. Throughout 14 years of successful creative collaboration they executed dozens of diverse and exciting interiors projects for an exquisite clientele.

Barbara Michel has blessed both city and country properties internationally, with her boundless sense of style and sophistication. A master at applying colour and shape, composition and coordination, she creates versatile and cosmopolitan environments for residential and commercial settings.

"Servicing our clients is our soul. We are sensitive and work with our customers in an organic, personal way so that they are part of the creative process. We adapt together. This is a unique way to work. We love it, and more importantly, so do they.“

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